Communication – and all its forms and meanings of expression – is Lourenço Lucena’s natural environment. And it is with this more comprehensive, fluid and unlimited vision that, in the different areas in which it works, it has always found innovative ways of communicating, contributing to many names, brands, products and services finding, not only their own place, but also , a unique way of expressing themselves.

Lourenço’s professional career begins with a Degree in Business Communication and a diploma in Graphic Design.

With communication always as a backdrop, and a huge desire to do more, at the age of 23 he created his first company, without ever forgetting his academic training, which he continues. First with a postgraduate degree in Image Management and then with a diploma as a Perfume Composer in Paris. With the latter, he became, in fact, and still today, the only Portuguese member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs.

Over his nearly thirty-year career, he has worked in several companies in the areas of marketing, advertising, branding and communication, and since 2001 he has been CEO of BLUG.

Along the way, he maintained a connection to the visual arts, organizing contemporary art projects, notably ANTECIPARTE, between 2004 and 2010, through PROPULSARTE, an association he founded to support and disseminate Portuguese contemporary art.

Always fascinated by communication, he turned his passion for cooking into another way of communicating. And, to this end, he regularly attends courses and training, the learning from which he then shares with his family and friends, on special evenings where there is also no shortage of music.

"Life only makes sense, if we sense it."


Convinced that communication is not made only by vision, hearing and touch, in 2001 he became a founding partner of BLUG, an innovative creative agency, with a multisensory approach, dedicated to the creation and management of brands.

Over more than 20 years of activity, there have been many collaborations and projects developed for brands as diverse as EDP, Deloitte, Carris, Sonae, Tivoli Hotels, PLMJ, Ascendum, Vanguard Properties, Avenue, among many others.


Aware of the power of smell and the magic of a good aroma, particularly the memories or sensations they trigger or provoke, he heads to Paris to study Perfume Composition. Almost three years later, he became the only Portuguese member (still today) of the Société Française des Parfumeurs.

With this skill he has developed perfumes for people, brands and companies in Portugal and abroad: 8950; Phillipe by Almada; Acqua of Portokáli; Kinda; Casa Nossa and Belcanto by José Avillez; Ocean by Hans Neuner; Memmo Hotels; BMW; Polana Serena Hotel; Pensão Agrícola; ISTO..; RITZ Four Seasons; JNcQUOI or MEO are just some of them.

Occasionally or by invitation, he promotes Masterclasses and Workshops.


In 2014, he merges his passion for cooking with perfumes, and begins organizing sensory dinners and scented dinners inspired by people, cities, countries or brands.

In these, participants discover the aromas associated with the dinner theme, through small paper touches or other supports and, also, in the creations that the chosen Chef decided to incorporate into his creations.

It smells like Lisbon, at Eleven; Aromas of Mozambique, at Polana Serena Hotel; Tribute to Vasco da Gama, for Montblanc, in Lisbon; Hermès a la Table, in the Monterei resort, in the Algarve; or Sensing The Future, at the House of Beautiful Business, in Lisbon, are some of these deliciously unforgettable events.


The experience and diversity of interests and occupations in the areas of communication and the senses has been the reason for being invited to participate as a guest speaker in conferences and debates.

Highlights include participation in Rock in Rio Innovation Week, House of Beautiful Business; in the Luxury Management Executive Program, at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa; in the Luxury Real Estate Management Course, at ISEG; at Luxury Shopping Talks or at Westmont Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, at Nova SBE; events where he addressed topics such as The Importance of the Senses for a full experience; Sensory Branding; The Importance of the Senses for the Future of Work; Perfumes and Identity; Sensory Experiences at the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, among others.